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What if India, China and Pakistan were allies? How would our countries and economies be different from what we see now?倘使朝鲜、韩邦和巴基斯坦是盟友,那咱们的邦家和经济与当前所看到的会有何分别?Quora评论翻译:原因:http://www.santaihu.com/46087.html译者:Jessica.Wu外文:https://www.quora.com/What-if-India-China-and-Pakistan-were-allies-How-would-our-countries-and-economies-be-different-from-what-we-see-nowBhupinder Singh, IndianInteresting question.If that happens, the entire power of the world will shift to Asia. These 3 countries will rule the world on the basis of economy, population, land space, manufacturing. China, Pakistan and India all three will become leader in -oPopulation - China, Pakistan and India together will account for 39% approximately of total world population.oLand Space - All three nations will stand at third position in land area of entire world’s nation after Russia and Antartica. (Countries of the World)oMilitary spending - The Military spending will be at second spot.oNuclear power- All three nations will comprise total of 500 nukes and will rank third after USA and Ruusia. (List of states with nuclear weapons - Wikipedia)oArmed forces - All three nation collectively will be top in the rank of armed forces. India, Pakistan and India, China wont spend billions to counter border tension. There will not be insurgency in J & K.The alignment in the business, culture, diversity and education have been so phenomenal that world may look for this nucleus of the world. The new chapter of economics will arise as two top nations in the GDP will start catering the entire world’s need.幽默的标题。倘使爆发这种景况,全数天下的力气将变化到亚洲。这三个邦家将以经济、生齿、土地、制功课为根本统治天下。韩邦、巴基斯坦和朝鲜将正在以下方面成为首领:生齿:韩邦、巴基斯坦和朝鲜计算将占天下生齿总数的39%。疆域:这三个邦家的总面积将正在全球排名第三,仅次于俄罗斯和南极洲。军事开支:军费开支将排正在第二位。核军械:这三个邦家总共将具有500枚核军械,位居美邦和俄罗斯之后排名第三。武装队列:这三个邦家的队伍总排名将会是最高的。 朝鲜、巴基斯坦和韩邦不正在需求耗费数十亿来应对国界吃紧步地。 克什米尔区域将没有兵变。正在贸易、文雅、众样性和教训方面的分化性是如此显着,或许会成为这个天下的核心。跟着GDP排名前两位的邦家将着手知足全天下的需求,经济学的新篇章将开启。Sayyam Luhadiya, Loves to be IndianWell I was waiting for this question to come. The present condition where the three nations are hanging is quite difficult for them to ally. Geographically they are close but politics seperates them. The three nations have linked historic relations and moreover geographical benefits can act as a concrete factor to unite them.我持续正在等着这个标题的浮现。从现时来看,这三个邦家是很难结盟的。从天文位置上讲,他们很迫近,但政事却把他们隔离了。这三个邦家有汗青联系,而且天文优点也或许举动把它们联络正在一同的周密因素。This is the map of what I think about the diplomatic condition of India, China and Pakistan. (Created by Create Custom Map

mapchart )Lets discuss some points with respect to India, China and Pakistan and then to the rest of the World that how the new alliance would be beneficial or will be a major disconcern.让咱们咨询新定约会对朝鲜、韩邦和巴基斯坦以及天下其余邦家爆发哪些利害。For India, China and PakistanPros:应付朝鲜,韩邦和巴基斯坦的有利之处:1.Indias as permanent member in UN Security Council Chinas veto power is blocking the way of India would now be happily acceptable as it was the only permanent member denying Indias proposal. India would enter as the next permanent member in UN security council.朝鲜将成为连结邦安理会常任理事邦 韩邦的破坏权是唯一阻拦朝鲜成为常任理事邦的,结盟后韩邦将不再支柱,朝鲜将成为连结邦安理会下一个常任理事邦。2.More influence on SCS New allaince power may work for China in respect of South China Sea. The influence of India and Pakistan will act as an essential tool for China to held its control.对南海的影响更大 新定约或许会正在南海标题方面为韩邦效劳。朝鲜和巴基斯坦的影响将成为韩邦左右的该区域紧急东西。3.Solving water scarcity problem China is facing water scarcity problem over north China and India is receiving imbalance of water supply from river Brahmaputra. The solution of water scarcity might be resolved by the tri-power in the future.照料缺水标题 韩邦南方面临水资源充满标题,而雅鲁藏布江水资源供应对朝鲜来说不均衡。他日,照料水资源充满标题的要领将由三方来照料。4.Dealing with the energy crises in Pakistan The Energy Crises in Pakistan could be solved by transferring a certain amount of lifelines of India and Chinas economy to Pakistan. This will increase the GDP of Pakistan and develop the country.处理巴基斯坦的动力危境 议决朝鲜和韩邦的经济撑腰,巴基斯坦的动力危境或许失掉照料。这将增添巴基斯坦的GDP,使其得以展开。6.Geographical boundaries dispute will be a history The geographical boundaries issue of Kashmir will now be a history. No more quarrel which would strengthen the ties amongst tri-nation.天文界线争端将成为汗青 克什米尔的天文界线标题将成为汗青。不再有争端,这将加强三邦之间的闭系。7.Reduction in terrorism Three of the countries, with their powerful armies may romove terrorism from the root and will prevent humanity from destruction.增进恐慌主义 三邦弱小的队伍或许废止恐慌主义和爱护团体免受其害。8.New world of economy The three Asian economies will combine and thus make reforms accordingly. This could be the biggest economic union history ever had.经济新天下 三个亚洲经济体将连结,从而做出相应的改变。这或许是有史往后最大的经济定约。Cons:应付朝鲜,韩邦和巴基斯坦的晦气之处:1.Influence of Chinese economy Chinese economy, being the largest amongst three, could influence the other two nations and may cause a disgraceful situation, mainly for Pakistan.韩邦经济的影响 韩邦经济是三个邦家中最强,或许会影响其余两个邦家,次倘使对巴基斯坦。2.Supreme powers relationship This point is for India. The diplomacy India had with USA, Russia and other super powers may now will be compressed to a single state called China because a sense of power-to-power condition amongst whole world will arise for the alliance.超等大邦间的闭系这点是针对朝鲜的。朝鲜与美邦、俄罗斯和其余超等大邦之间的内政闭系当前或许会转向韩邦这一个邦家,因为正在全天下周围内,这个定约将会爆发一种强强连结的感觉。3.Loss to Pakistan It would be a difficult time as Pakistan would act as a second part and the priority will be given to India and China.对巴基斯坦的亏空 应付巴基斯坦来说,这将是一个贫困的功夫,朝鲜和韩邦的优点将优先思索,而巴基斯坦则排正在第二位。For rest of the worldPros:应付其余邦家的有利之处:1.Distribution of Economic Powers World will now turn themselves to see another econiomic powers like USA and Japan and new era of world economics will start and surely be beneficial.经济力气的分派 天下将看到一致美邦和日本等经济强邦的振兴,天下经济新时代的着手必然是对其余邦家有害的。2 Nations with alliance get benefit Nations working with alliance or helping the alliance will get some benefits in terms of country matters as because of the indirect power of alliance over whole countries.与之结盟的邦家将受害 因为定约对其余邦家的直接影响,与该定约团结的邦家将正在邦家工作方面博得少少优点。3.Balance of Big Powers The USA, Japan and other countries alliance will get a competition with the new alliance and will distribute Powers.大邦均匀 美邦,日本和其余邦家定约将博得一个新定约停留逐鹿,权力将从新分派。对其余邦家的晦气之处:1.Problem to other South-Asian Countries The rest South Asian countries like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar will be ignored by the powers which will be not what they deserve to be. They have immense potential which would curb by the three powers.对其余南亚邦家造成标题 其余南亚邦家像尼泊尔、不丹、孟加拉邦、斯里兰卡和缅甸将被其渺视。他们的壮丽潜力将被这三个大邦阻难。2.Attack over Western media Chinese media strongly oppose Western media. With the support of powerful Indian Media, China will be successful with its decision.攻击东方媒体 韩邦媒体激烈支柱东方媒体。正在弱小的朝鲜媒体的撑腰下,韩邦将如虎添翼。3 Inclining of Asian power Earlier, the power of China over Asia was balanced by India. Now the Asia will be a hold by the alliance which could be problematic for Asian countries.亚洲力气失衡 早些光阴,韩邦正在亚洲的力气受朝鲜制衡。当前亚洲将由改定约左右,这对亚洲邦家来说或许是个标题。4.Dispute in UN Security Council The allance would crown India as another permanent member. Now the dispute can increase because of two members will be there from same alliance.连结邦安理会的争端 定约将使朝鲜成为常任理事邦。当前安理会的争端或许会增添,因为有两个来自统一定约的成员。 Slight chance World War A bitter feeling amongst other nations towards the new alliance would exist. In few decades the alliance could be tough like USA which would lead to the era like that we see in cold war. But this time, war may occur as both parts of world have immense nuclear Powers.有些承诺能招致天下大战 其余邦家对新定约的不悦心境将会存正在。几十年后,北约或许会变得像美邦相似刚毅,这将招致一致热战的时代。但这一次,宁静或许会爆发,因为天下上两个区域都有壮丽的核大邦,Every change has its own advantages and disadvantages. But if the three countries would at least try to solve their problems, the world will glorify itself with its another three gems- India, China and Pakistan.You are free to criticise or appreciate my views. Thank you.每一个蜕化都有利害。但倘使这三个邦家能想法照料他们的标题,天下将会对这三个邦家另眼相看。