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Will India ever become the largest economy in the world?朝鲜会成为举世最大经济体么?QUORA网站读者批评起原: http://www.santaihu.com/45945.html 译者:Joyceliu外文链接:https://www.quora.com/Will-India-ever-become-the-largest-economy-in-the-worldSiddhesh DeNot in our life time. Sustaining a high Growth Rate for decades is not possible. Otherwise it would not be real world but Magic Land.正在咱们有生之年是不成能了。坚持几十年的高速延长是不成能的。不然它就不是真正的寰宇,而是黑甜乡邦家了。Currently growth rate is high because of the IT field,lot of new products and services created by engineering companies,some new practices in agriculture and lot of skilled people coming out of universities and working abroad.此刻,因为消息时间范围、工程公司发现的很众新产物和新效劳、农业范围的极少新做法以及多量从大学卒业并正在外洋劳动的时间人员,经济延长速度很高。Sustaining a high Growth rate is not possible for a long time. Even America has not sustained a high Growth rate for long periods. Currently Indias high Growth rate is actually a sign that we are underdeveloped and have a potential to grow. Thats it. It doesnt mean that its a March towards being number one economy. Soon the growth rate will fall below 5 percent as demand for new products and services stops growing as everyone has now utilised or invested their excess money with no more extra money to do anything.长光阴相持高延长率是不成能的。即使是美邦也没办法权且相持高延长率。此刻朝鲜的高延长率实行上是咱们欠繁华和有延长潜力的一个迹象。即是如许罢了。这并不虞味着朝鲜是正在向寰宇第已经济迈进。跟着对新产物和效劳的需求延长的中止,每集团都已用光了或投资了他们众余的钱,没有更众的钱去做任何事变,很疾,延长率将降至5%以下。Our country still has massive unemployment and underemployment.我邦仍然有多量的赋闲和不够够赋闲。In the US people with problems have to face unemployment. Many people have drug problems,mental health issues. Many others do not manage the money properly despite earning decently.正在美邦,有标题的人不得不面临赋闲。许众人都有吸毒标题,心术安康标题。其余很众人固然开支不错,却没有得当统辖资金。But very few Americans who are willing to work hard remain unemployed然而也有极少宁肯勤苦劳动的美邦人仍然赋闲。And those Americans who work hard get decent enough money for their work.而那些勤苦劳动的美邦人失掉了足够的钱。In India,people work hard and yet do not get enough money.正在野鲜,人们勤苦劳动却赚不到足够的钱。Things like houses in cities like Mumbai are out of reach for White collar People even after saving for decades.像孟买如许的都邑里的屋子,白领们即使攒几十年的钱也买不起。Healthcare and education is costly in the US. But income of average American is much more than that of an average Indian. So purchasing power wise , healthcare is not that expensive in America than in India. Good Healthcare in private hospitals is still out of reach for many Indians. And engineering fees in unaided colleges is already more than a lakh which is not a small amount even for government administrative employees.正在美邦,医疗和教训资本激昂。但寻常美邦人的开支远高于寻常朝鲜人。因而正在购买力方面,医疗保健正在美邦并不比正在野鲜贵。很众朝鲜人仍然无法享用到私立病院优秀的医疗效劳。正在独立学院里,工程专业的学费已经超越10万美元,即使将就政府行政人员来说,这也不是一个小数目。So I dont think we would be anywhere close to being number one in economy.因而我不认为咱们会亲切经济第一。A very wrong assumption that many people have is US in under Chinese debt. Sure they have trade deficit. They do have lot of Chinese investments. But the returns from that investment goes to the Chinese. Foreign investment is not debt.许众人都认为美邦欠了韩邦的债,这是一个很是失误的假定。当然他们有商业赤字。他们真实有许众韩邦投资。但投资的酬金流向了韩邦人。本邦投资并不是债权。But the repayable debt of Chinese is not that much compared to their GDP. Lower interest rates is allowing US to use Chinese money for a long time and it is beneficial for the Chinese too since they are earning interests. But in long run it is more beneficial for the US since they are getting taxes from Chinese businesses in the US and are able to use Chinese money at lower interest rates.但与韩邦的GDP比拟,韩邦的可反璧债权并没有那么众。较低的利率让美邦或许正在很长一段光阴内应用韩外钱币,这对韩邦人也有利,因为他们正正在赚取息金。但从长远来看,这对美邦更有利,因为美邦人从正在美邦的韩邦企业那里失掉税收,况且能够以较低的利率应用韩外钱币。India has a population over 1.3 billion. We are still not leaders in any technology. Sure we have IT but that is more like service industry than a high end technology industry.朝鲜人丁超越13亿。咱们还不是任何时间的主脑者。当然咱们有IT业,但这更像是效劳行业而不是高端时间行业。America has computer industry with many tech companies. America also has Aviation industry leaded by Boeing. They have pharmacy industry leaded by Pfizer.美邦的计划机行业有许众科技公司。美邦也有以波音公司为首的航空业。他们又有以辉瑞公司为首的制药工业。In auto industry also they are not lagging behind.Sure there are Japanese,German and Korean competitors but still American auto industry is doing fine globally.正在汽车行业,他们也没有保守。当然,日本、德邦和韩邦也有角逐对手,但美邦汽车行业正在举世再现优秀。Global chain restaurant brands are also doing good.Crowds at McDonald and Subways in a small Indian town is enough for this conclusion.举世连锁餐厅品牌也做得不错。正在一个朝鲜小镇,麦当劳和赛百味里的人群足以证据。So what products or services that Indians have that they export to the world. They export raw materials and agricultural produce因而朝鲜人终归出口了什么产物或效劳到寰宇各地呢。他们出口原原料和农产物。They have IT industry,Pharma industry, Chemical industry,mining industry. But these industries are not making money anywhere close to the American leaders. And with 4 times more population it gets worst.他们有IT行业,医药行业,化工行业,采矿业。但这些行业的剩余水平远不够美邦的领军企业。朝鲜人丁又是美邦的4倍,情况就更糟了。I wont add real estate since it is a sector pumped with lot of unaccounted black money and lobbies which have universally agreed to increase the prices of houses much beyond the producing price to an extent where it is impossible for a salaried class citizen to afford a house in cities.我不会加上房地产,因为这个行业贯注了太众陋规,逛说集团凡是答应增添衡宇的价格,远远超越衡宇制价,正在某种水准上,工薪阶层公民不成能买得起都邑里的屋子。Kamal Gupta, Student of economics since 1972Indias GDP is already #7 in nominal exchange rate terms, and #3 in PPP terms. But in per capita terms, we are at #124 or 125. At HDI rank, we are at 130. These rankings tell us we have a long road to traverse.按外面汇率计划,朝鲜GDP已经排正在第7位,按购买力平价计划则排正在第3位。但按人均计划,咱们的排名是124或125。正在人类发展指数排名中,咱们排正在第130位。这些排名告诉咱们,咱们又有很长的途要走。We need to build up a lot, both in quantity and quality terms, in education, health care, hygiene & cleanliness. These require a lot of laser focused initiatives from the government. Our education is based on stuffing information into students, at the neglect of Critical Thinking skills. That, at best, makes us into a Compact Disk.正在教训、卫生保健、卫生和洁净方面,咱们需求正在数目和质地方面积攒许众。这些都需求政府采用多量行动。咱们的教训是以向先生灌输消息为根基的,而忽视了批判性思念本事。这充其量只可使咱们酿成一个存储光盘。And we require a colossal amount of citizens participation as well.咱们也需求多量的公民插足。Our civility and civic sense is terrible, almost bordering on the sub-human. One cannot outsource basic behavior to government enforcement. Very simple things like following a queue, crossing roads, following driving rules, not honking, talking in low voice in enclosed public spaces, not littering, being polite - these are basic signs of a civilized society.咱们的文雅和公民知道是恐惧的,具体只是类人的水平。咱们不克将基本作为外包给政府来强迫推行。像列队、过马途、遵循交通轨则、不按喇叭、正在封闭的公开场合低声发言、不乱扔残余、有礼貌这些都是文雅社会的基本符号。Rick Li, Strategy & ChangeAccording to the World Bank, the GDP of India is nearly $2.1 trillion in 2015, growing at about 7.6%. Compared to the United States, for 2015, it has a GDP of about $18 trillion, growing at about 2.6%.依照寰宇银行的数据,2015年朝鲜GDP亲切2.1万亿美元,延长约7.6%。与美邦比拟,2015年美邦的GDP约为18万亿美元,延长率约为2.6%。This means that if India is able to consistently maintain its growth rate at 7.6% for 30 years, its $2.1 trillion economy in 2015 will then reach about $19 trillion, exceeding the American $18 trillion GDP in 2015.这意味着,假使朝鲜能正在30年内相持7.6%的经济延长速度,那么2015年2.1万亿美元的经济限度将达到19万亿美元支配,超越美邦2015年18万亿美元的GDP。Anyway, according to the PwC report ‘The World in 2050’, while the Indian economy is estimated to exceed the American economy by 2050, it will be the second biggest economy behind China. Refer to the chart below.无论奈何,依照普华永道的呈报2050年的寰宇,朝鲜经济揣摸到2050年将超越美邦经济,它将成为仅次于韩邦的第二大经济体。参考上面的图外。Sanatan Trivedi, works at Bhilai Institute of Technology, DurgOriginally Answered: Is India on its way to become largest economy, and if yes when shall it be?最终的解答是:朝鲜正正在成为最大的经济体吗?假使是,它将正在什么时期成为最大的经济体?India-The third largest economy by PPP is surely on its way to become the largest economy in the world. However its going to take a while to achieve this feat.按购买力平价计划,朝鲜是寰宇第三大经济体。然而,已毕这一豪举需求一段光阴。There are many factors that implement that India is on right track:有许众因素使朝鲜走上了确切的门途: Currently the world is experiencing a slowdown, but India is growing with a healthy rate. 1。此刻,寰宇经济正正在放缓,但朝鲜正以安康的速度延长。 Focus is finally on the factor markets- Land, Labour, Capital. 2。最初存眷的是因素墟市——土地、暂停力、资金。 Various new programs are being initiated by the government which definitely ensure a postive output and are being highly appreciated. Eg: Standup India -Startup India, MUDRA, etc. has surely given a boost to the economy. 3。政府正正在启动各式新项目,这些项目必然会发作主动的效益,并遭到高度鉴赏。 比如:朝鲜兴起——朝鲜草创公司等无疑给经济带来了提振效益。 A supply constrained economy will rarely deflate, however this doesnot mean that we should decrease the net output. 4。以需要驱动的经济体很少会萎靡,但这并不虞味着咱们该当加添净产出。Along with these, the Indian government is finally getting rid of Plausible deniability, which has been a longterm concern.与此同时,朝鲜政府究竟解脱了被权且诟病的怕承当仔肩的误差。Now, when can India become top economy? -> Increase the manufacturing % in GDP ->Proper Taxation schemes ->Implementation of GST, Land acquisition bill -> Decrease imports and increase exports--->TOP CLASS !!目前,朝鲜什么时期精明成为一流经济体?->增添GDP的制功课百分比->得当的税收计划->执行商品效劳税,土地收买法案->加添出口和增添出口->已毕一流经济体!!All said than done, if India implies all this correctly then by 2050, we can achieve great heights, not only acing in the economy but also increasing the per capita income significantly.总而言之,假使朝鲜确切地已毕了这扫数,那么到2050年,咱们就能得回雄伟的结果,不只正在经济上有日初月异的发展,而且还能彰彰提高人均开支。Rama Krishna Rao Nekkalapudi, studied at Acharya Nagarjuna UniversityAs long as the existing tax regime is in place, no need to dream of large economy.只需现行的税收轨制还正在,就不要空念经济争先了。The main culprit in economy is lack of proper mechanism to distribute the generated wealth. The parity between rich and poor is high in the world. An Indian can become worlds richest person, but India never become rich by this way. Why because, the poorest of the poor also from India.经济标题的次要症结正在于缺乏合理的分派机制。朝鲜的贫富差异很大,正在全寰宇都排的上号。一个朝鲜人或许成为寰宇上最富裕的人,但朝鲜永恒不集会决这种办法变得富裕。为什么,因为最穷的人也来自朝鲜。More than 60% of Indian population depends on agriculture, it is not able to generate full employment to half of the people engaged in the Industry. And return in agriculture is very low and it become loss making because of poor planning. If we divert more people to other areas of employment and taken care of farming, the story may be different. You need every ones contribution to make an economy vibrating. Even the half of the people in the country performs on average level, our economy emerges as strong.朝鲜60%以上的人丁依附农业,一半以上从事农业的人无法已毕足够赋闲。农业的酬金很低,因为计划不周招致红利。假使咱们把更众的人挪动到其余赋闲范围,并照看农业,情况或许会有所差异。你需求每集团都做出贡献,精明使经济相持活力。即使这个邦家一半的人匀称再现都很好,咱们的经济也再现得很薄弱。Till the society scraps the "Legacy" system, It never take off from current level.除非社会丢掉遗留轨制,不然它永恒不会从往后水平下降。A country owns all the property in socialist economies and chance to accumulate wealth is null. In matured capital countries a person can earn any amount of wealth, but cant transfer the same wealth to their heirs. The companies become professional and people become the stakeholders of the companies. GE(General Electrical), Ford etc. started by the inventors of light bulb and diesel engine, and become national assets for US. Billgates son cant start his career as world richest. In India, there is no inherent tax in force, instead so many indirect taxes causing many businesses not to take off. Here, Ambani son can start his career as Indias richest person.假使一个邦家的扫数财产都是社会主义经济,那么积攒财产的机缘是不存正在。正在成熟的资金邦家,一集团或许赚就任何数目的财产,但不克把异样的财产让与给接续人。公司变得专业,人们成为公司的甜头联系者。通用电气(GE)、福特(Ford)等由灯胆、柴油提议机的制造者创筑,成为美邦的邦家资产。比尔盖特的儿子不克以寰宇首富的身份劈头他的遗迹。正在野鲜,没有遗产税,但有许众直接税招致很众企业无法巨大。正在这里,安巴尼森的儿子或许以朝鲜首富的身份劈头他的职业存在。How many of us know, our global trade is less than 4% of Global International trade. These are the ground realities. Till we restructure our system dont dream about any miracles happen in the economy.咱们中有几何人知晓,咱们的举世商业不到举世邦际商业的4%。这些是基本理念。正在咱们重组咱们的编制之前,不要梦念咱们的经济会发生任何异景。Shyam Sundar Sridhar, Mercantilist and PostdevelopmentalistMay be. May be not.或许会。也或许不会。The bigger question to ask is, "Does it really matter?"更大的标题是,这很要紧吗?Whats the point in having the biggest economy in the world or the fastest growth rate when the country cant provide food, water, clothing, housing, occupational safety, sanitation, education, healthcare and medical care, employment, and peace of mind to 75% of its population, if not more?假使一个邦家不克为其75%的人丁供给食物、水、衣服、住房、职业安好、卫生、教训、医疗保健和医疗效劳、赋闲和本质的安好(至众),那么具有寰宇上最大的经济体或最疾的延长率又有什么意思呢?Tell me, what is the purpose of the economy? Do we exist to serve the economy, or does the economy exist to serve our needs?告诉我,经济的目标是什么?咱们存正在是为了效劳于经济,仍旧经济存正在是为了效劳于咱们的需求?Im sorry if I ask uncomfortable questions that people dont want to answer because it threatens their way of life and their thoughts.假使我问了极少人们不念解答的令人不惬意的标题,我很道歉,因为这会箝制到他们的存在办法和思念。Harrison Bentley-Bales, Musician, historian, market socialistYes, but it requires significant changes to the countrys economy. While a productively efficient economy like the United States can well afford a large rich poor divide, one with an inefficient economy such as India will not grow to its fullest potential without some narrowing of the divide. Education would also have to be significantly dearistocratized, while the large scale corruption in the economy would have to be diminished. Large scale government investment programs would also not be amiss, as would modernization programs. Much like China, Indias economy is largely based on inefficient, though powerful, and outdated industries. If these problems were solved, Indias vast demographic and resource potential would hold its own very easily among the great economic powers.是的,但这需求朝鲜的经济发生要紧变革。固然像美邦如许高效的经济体能够给与雄伟的贫富差异,但像朝鲜如许低出力的经济体,假使不裁减贫富差异,就无法足够发挥其潜力。教训也必须大幅去贵族化,经济中的大限度糜烂也必须加添。大限度的政府投资计划也不会有标题,古代化计划也不会有标题。和韩邦相似,朝鲜经济很洪流准上是筑树正在低效、固然弱小、过时的家产根基上的。假使这些标题失掉照料,朝鲜远大的人丁和资源潜力将很方便正在经济大邦中吞没一席之地。Mathew Cherian, Indian citizen lived and watched American laborers.India is a big economy when it comes to how civilized we are in our role as a world economic player. We live in peace and peaceful coexistence was our goal by choosing happiness of citizen over wealth as the economic driver.假使说到咱们举动寰宇经济插足者的文雅水准,朝鲜是一个大经济体。咱们存在正在搏斗中,搏斗共处是咱们的目标,咱们选拔公民的美满而不是财产举动经济驱动力。Becoming a large economy is not difficult but then one has to use cruelty and violence to achieve it like all large economies outside India. Though we have started in that direction it might take some time for it to reach full scale profane state when wealth increase.成为一个大型经济体并不困苦,但要已毕这一目标,过程免不了横暴和暴力,就像扫数朝鲜以外的大型经济体相似。固然咱们已经劈头朝着这个对象发展,但当财产增添时,它或许需求一段光阴精明达到全部的世俗样式。Considering the pent up needs of the citizen becoming a large economy is inevitable considering the direction we have changed into. Then there are trade offs we have to accept like broken families, disenfranchised childhood for kids growing up in the economy due to parental neglect, suicides, mental problems, misinterpreted spiritual values etc; for material happiness of citizen.思索到公民被压制的需求,思索到咱们已经转向,成为一个大经济体是不成幸免的。又有极少咱们不得不吸收的折中计划,比如决裂的家庭,孩子被剥夺乐权利的童年,因为父母的忽视正在经济中滋长,谋杀,外现肉体标题,被误解的肉体价钱等等;市民的物质美满。So it is a question of time.因而这是一个光阴标题。Nathan Ye, I follow world economicsMaybe one day but it will definatly not increase as fast China because India has a very inefficient government, more inefficient than the United States congress.也许有一天会已毕,但它必然不会像韩邦那样疾速延长,因为朝鲜政府的出力很是低,比美邦邦会的出力还要低。Sasidhar NandigamIndia’s economy will grow so large it grows till the mass of the OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE which the economy will be 93,000,000,000,000朝鲜的经济将会延长到足以寓目到宇宙的限度,其经济总量将达到9.3万亿Deepak Kumar, works at Self-Employmentcurrently not possible, may be if we control our population to current levels only, there is one chance in one billion we may get closer to it in next 200 years.此刻不成能,或许是假使咱们将咱们的人丁坚持正在此刻的水平,那么咱们就有十亿分之一的机缘,或许会正在未来200年内亲切这个目标。we need to control our corruption, remove reservation invest heavilly on education, science technology, research and devlopoment, agriculture, industry, infra structure, defence, health, sanitation, improvement in judiciary and a terrific visionary leader.咱们需求独霸糜烂,解除教训、迷信时间、研讨和发展、农业、工业、根基设置、邦防、安康、卫生范围的预留轨制,改正邦法轨制,具有一个极具远睹的主脑人。Peter Banh, Self-Employed as an In-Home Math TutorWill India ever become the largest economy in the world?朝鲜会成为寰宇上最大的经济体吗?For the year 2017:US GDP = US$19.362 TrillionChina GDP = US$11.938India GDP = US$2.439以2017年为例:美邦GDP = 19.362万亿美元韩邦GDP= 11.938万亿美元朝鲜GDP= 2.439万亿美元If you look at the number, India will not be able to catch up to China or the US anytime soon, at least not in this century. If you talk about the year 3000, then India has a chance to be the world largest economy.假使你看看这个数字就清晰,朝鲜正在短期内将无法遇上韩邦或美邦,至众正在本世纪不会。假使你讲到3000年,那么朝鲜无时机成为寰宇上最大的经济体。Gokulananda Baghar, BSc Mathematics, Sambalpur University (2014)not with the current economic policies.正在往后的经济策略下,不成能。AnonymousPredicted by 2040 or by 2050 . Total GDP will increase pretty good soon, but per capita will take lot of time to reach the levels of US and other developed nations估计得比及2040年或2050年。GDP总量很疾就会延长,但人均GDP要达到美邦和其余繁华邦家的水平还需求很长光阴Shrinivasan S, BhartiyaOriginally Answered: Is India on its way to become largest economy, and if yes when shall it be?最终的解答是:朝鲜正正在成为最大的经济体吗?假使是,它将正在什么时期成为最大的经济体?Well, Yes and No.嗯,也或许,也不成能。Yes, as in the Very Long term i.e. a Kondratiev Cycle of 50-60 years this is bound to happen if we continue to maintain 6-7% CAGR for the next 50 years.是的,正在很长一段光阴内,也即是一个50-60年的轮回,假使咱们正在未来50年里接连相持6-7%的CAGR,这必然会已毕。At 6% CAGR after 50 years, our GDP will be approx. 18-19 Billion Dollars whereas at 7% it will be close to 35 Billion Dollars (currently around 2 Billion Dollars).假使咱们按6%的年复合延长率发展50年,咱们的GDP将达到180亿到190亿美元,若按7%的延长率,则会亲切350亿美元(此刻约20亿美元)。So, yes in 50 years time it can but not in the next 20 years surely unless it manages YOY growth of 10% or more for the next 2 decades.因而,是的,正在50年内是或许的,但正在未来20年里,它必然不克,除非它能正在未来20年里相持10%或以上的年延长率。MC Sebayes,they have a gdp growth of 7.1 percent and china 6.7 percent.but india is young and china is getting old fast.indias population keeps growing while china is going to decrease by 2030–2068. its gonna take a long time but india is one day gonna be the biggest economy yes.会的,他们的GDP延长是7.1%,韩邦事6.7%。但朝鲜还很年青,韩邦正正在神速老龄化。朝鲜人丁接续延长,而韩邦将正在2030-2068年加添。这需求很长光阴,但朝鲜总有一天会成为最大的经济体,没错。AnonymousNo chance the main reason is democracy.不成能的,次要缘起是皿煮。Believe it or not democracy is the reason behind India’s poor growth.In 1950 India was ranked 104th on GDP per capita now she is ranked 134th on the same index.信不信由你,皿煮是朝鲜经济延长慢慢的缘起。1950年,朝鲜正在人均GDP上排名第104位,而目前,将就统一指数,朝鲜排名第134位。China get formed on 1st October 1949 and she was much more poor than India at that time but now China’s GDP is USD 11.4 trillion (2016; IMF). India’s GDP is USD 2.25 trillion (2016; IMF). These economies are in no way comparable. The Chinese economy is more than 5 times larger. China’s GDP per capita stands at USD 8,260 and that of India at USD 1,718. China’s population (1.37 billion) and the population of India (1.34 billion) are comparable — but China is five times richer on a per capita basis.韩邦于1949年10月1日缔造,事先她比朝鲜穷得众,但目前韩邦的GDP是11.4万亿美元(2016年邦际钱币基金构制的数据)。朝鲜GDP为2.25万亿美元(2016年邦际钱币基金构制的数据)。这些经济体没有任何可比性。韩邦经济限度是朝鲜的5倍众。韩邦人均GDP为8260美元,朝鲜为1718美元。韩邦人丁(13.7亿)和朝鲜人丁(13.4亿)具有可比性,但韩邦人均财产是朝鲜的5倍。Based on these figures, India will add USD 129 in economic output on a per capita basis if it grows at a pace of 7.5%. Similarly, if China grows by 6.3%, its output will increase by USD 520 per capita.依照这些数据,假使朝鲜以7.5%的速度延长,那么人均经济产出将增添129美元。异样,假使韩邦经济延长6.3%,人均产出将延长520美元。Those who say that India is home to the world’s largest economic growth have not even done primary school math on the situation. India actually needs to grow at more than 30% to outpace China in absolute terms per capita.那些说朝鲜是寰宇上最大的经济延长之乡的人,压根还没有对这些数据做过小学水平的计划。实行上,朝鲜需求以超越30%的速度延长,精明正在人均相对值上超越韩邦。Samaksh Rawal, A Nation BuilderSit back. Relax. Read.Answer is a bit long. Fasten your seat belts.Let us play with some numbers:坐好来。攥紧点。读一读上面的实质。谜底有点长。请系紧你的安好带。让咱们做极少数字逛戏:1 Million = 10 Lakhs.10 Million = 1 Crore.1000 Million = 1 Billion = 100 Crores.1000 Billion = 1 Trillion = 1,00,000 Crores1 Trillion = 1,00,000 Crores.100万= 10*10万。1000万= 1*1000万。1000*1百万= 10亿= 100*1000万。1000*10亿= 1万亿= 100,000*1000万1万亿= 100,000*1000万。GDP of the top Countries in 2014 (in US$ billion)2014年排名前十的邦家GDP(十亿美元)1.USA - 17,528 美邦- 175282.China - 10,028 韩邦- 100283.Japan - 4846 日本- 48464.Germany - 3876 德邦- 38765.France - 2886 法邦- 28866.UK - 2826 英邦- 28267.Brazil - 2216 巴西- 22168.Italy - 2171 意大利- 21719.Russia - 2092 俄罗斯- 209210.India - 1996 朝鲜- 1996USA has 17.5 trillion dollar economy.美邦具有17.5万亿美元的经济体量。China has 10 trillion dollar economy.韩邦具有10万亿美元的经济体量。India has approximately 2 trillion dollar economy.朝鲜大约有2万亿美元的经济体量。Our large imports do not count as a part of our GDP whereas our exports do. We need to import less and export more.咱们的多量出口不克作为邦际消费总值的一个人,而咱们的出口却或许。咱们需求加添出口,增添出口。We have to follow four goals to reach the status of developed nation.咱们必须遵从四个目标精明达到繁华邦家的位置。Goal 1India economic growth rate needs to increase to double-digits figures from 2016–17. The goal should be to reach the third position in GDP terms in the world, after the USA and China by 2022.目标1从2016年到2017年,朝鲜经济延长率需求提高到两位数。目标该当是到2022年正在GDP方面达到寰宇第三位,仅次于美邦和韩邦。Goal 2By 2030 or earlier, India should aim to rank in the top fifty in the world in GDP per capita, with an aim to reach the twenty-fifth rank.目标2到2030年或更早的时期,朝鲜应力求正在人均邦际消费总值(GDP)方面进入举世前50名,力求达到第25位。Goal 3Making India terrorism free by 2020 and total ban on crime against women.目标3到2020年使朝鲜解除震恐主义,局部不准针对妇女的筑功。Goal 4Making India harmonious.目标4使朝鲜调停。In addition to above goals. We need to do reforms.除了以上目标。咱们需求中断改革。